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It's not news that Enterprise Architecture is in a state of change.  Digital disruption has forced EA to evolve and it it's not slowing down anytime soon. But what is the new role of EA?  We believe there has never been a better time for EA to be able to show value to the business.

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Combining EA with Business Analysis by Michelle Supper
This article explores how too often business processes change without due consideration to the underlying IT, causing misalignment between the application and business architecture layers.

Embrace Agile or Risk Falling Behind by Allen Brown 
Technological change isn’t only affecting our daily lives but our workplaces as well. Organizations find it increasingly difficult to keep up and it's not just the IT team, but management too. See how an Agile approach can help you be successful amongst constant change.

The Change Management Process and Enterprise Architecture by Monte Rummer
IT organizations struggle with change management processes and usually the reason for its ineffectiveness escapes them.  In this article Mr. Rummer explains how IT Leader just take a broader view of what they are really trying to accomplish.

Let it Simmer: Making Project, Portfolio and Program Management Practices Stick in a Skeptical Organization by Dr. Douglas Brown
This is an excerpt of Dr. Browns book.  In this piece he explains how important it is to understand the personalities that surround you in order to achieve constructive cooperation.

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