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These days it seems like every aspect of an organization is affected by digital transformation.  The pressures on Enterprise Architects is higher than ever.  Which also means the need for effective EAs has never been higher either.  In this issue you will explore a diverse set of challenges that today's EAs are facing.  Here is a summary:

IT and Finance Must Work To Understand Each Other by Phara E. McLachlan
IT and Finance have very different objectives for an organization. The major issue is the way each looks at IT assets. In this article you will learn ways to bridge this gap in order to optimize this relationship.

EAs Ready for the Internet of Things: Risks and Rewards by Holt Hackney 
The IoT is a blessing and a curse for Enterprise Architecture. The sheer volume of information will create new risks, but could also hold goldmines of useful data. Read this article to see what EA experts have to say about the IoT.

Hire the Potential, Not the Skills by Len Fehskens
The fast changing world of technology is making it difficult to hire IT professionals that have adequate skills because the required skills are evolving as fast as the technology. In this article, Len Fehskens gives great advice for hiring in the current IT world.

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