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What do Marketing and Enterprise Architecture have in common? While the similarities are scarce, it doesn’t mean that this relationship can’t have remarkable benefits.   Here is a summary of the articles in this issue:

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How Can Enterprise Architects Collaborate with Marketing Professionals within Their Organization?  by Allen Brown
In the face of new competitors entering the market with new technology offering, EA has an opportunity to show marketing professionals exactly where their expertise can lead to endless new possibilities.

Perception Impacts Reality: Survey shows a perception gap in EA and hints at ways to bridge the gap by Jeff Ellerbee 
Results of a recent survey shows how the perception of EA is holding them back from reaching their full potential. This article discusses the results of that survey as well as suggests ways for EA to better show their value to the business.

Finding Value in Data and Digital Transformation  by Monte Rummer
In both the personal and corporate world, data is the most important commodity. This article explains how businesses have valuable data containing a great spectrum of benefits just waiting to be used.

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