About the Current Issue

Timing is everything is as true in EA as it is in life. Each article in this current issues touches on a different aspect of time and ways to avoid timing mistakes. No matter how mature your EA practice is, you will be able to relate to each authors challenge and learn from their success. Here is a preview of the articles in this issue:

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Seasons of Architecture by Mike Baker
Read how during Mike Baker's time as an EA leader he saw annual architecture activities evolve into four seasons that ended up aligning strategically with the overall corporate and IT functional calendars.

Stealth Enterprise Architecture: Using EA Without Calling It EA by James Harbour
EA efforts are all too often met with resistance. This is due to many different factors. In this article James Harbour reveals how you can approach these obstacles while still advancing your EA initiatives.

Taking It Back to Simple by David Baldwin
In this article David Baldwin asks the questions "How did we get too complex?" He gives ways to assess if your program is too complex along with suggestions to simplify in order to become more successful.

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